Totality, Understanding Rather Than Being Understood And Simplicity

“Understand totally by understanding Totality.” (A Course In Miracles, Text, p. 127)

In one sentence, this allegedly divinely channeled work of supposed non-fiction blasts the insipid categorizations of Hellenic Thought to place them in suspended animation, perhaps somewhere in lower Earth orbit. At least until one researches the origins of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) and uncovers the fact that Bill Thetford and Helen Schucman were contractors for the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States.

Those “Boodle Boys” do get around, don’t they? Tends to moderate alot of the “linguistic mysticism” that can be induced by ACIM. The Greeks of old may have taught us to tear things apart, but these kids from room “322” will help us put it all back together, synergies intact.

Actually, no one really knows if the Yale brotherhood was a part of this particular initiative and it intuitively speaks to a schism within the CIA that the draft of this transparently revisionist version of Christianity (ACIM) was a project well outside the Bush Family’s contingent within the CIA. Perhaps as a direct response to the machinations of the Bush Family during the period stretching from World War II to the end of the Bush/Cheney reign of terrorism, the contingent that worked within the Agency on this new “religion” was taking steps to counter the religious insurgency that the Bush Family, itself, was working toward igniting to the effects we see in the United States of the present day. No one is yet certain when the work on this pro-”Christian,” non-ACIM initiative began, but certainly the coalescence of the “bad tidings” of Chinese astrologers for the decade of the 1980’s, along with the advent of the Reagan Administration, fit neatly into this chronology of events. From WWII to the 1980’s, the Bush Family was actively a voice for birth control and the freedom of women to use their body as they willed, at least during the first trimester of their pregnancy. With the advent of the Reagan Administration, however, the political coalition that Ronald Reagan and evangelist Pat Robertson assembled began the assault on a woman’s right to privacy, the end of Soviet Communism and the revelation that the foreign policy of the United States was no longer the province of the US Senate, but the province of the CIA within which George H. W. “Poppy” Bush was a member of the key leadership.

Sometimes the best way to deal with transgressions is to give them their fullest expression. In this rather Taoist line of reasoning, the ensuing chaos brought about by the “laissez-faire” of the times would engulf the source of the committed transgressions to choke the source out of existence. Unfortunately, at a social level, and sometimes at an individual level, the source of transgressions represents the non-existence of an entire species or an individual person. Love would seek to warn, cajole and perhaps coerce; mercy would seek to overlook. There is no way to overlook extinction. It is the reabsorption of extreme conditions back into wholeness; such as the case with physical death or extinction. The Central Intelligence Agency of the United States has never made love or mercy any sort of a feature of its existence within the US Government. In fact, the genesis of the Agency and of the Bush Family faction operating within its auspices began with the absorption of Reinhard Gehlen and his WWII East German spy network — a decidedly pro-Nazi Germany and an anti-communist operation. The implicated behavior within the CIA regime has included the terminal interrogation and brainwashing of innocent-until-proven-guilty civilians, the creation of chemical and biological weapons and the murder of various heads of state to include the President of the US, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. This latter charge has been leveled, and convincingly argued, by journalist Russ Baker in his tome, Family of Secrets. Poppy Bush was present in the active shooting theatre, according to Baker, as well as socially linked to several key conspirators known to be a part of the actual sanction. Again, contemporary notions of love and mercy have had nothing to do with the operations of the CIA, not even in its more genteel attempts at coercion. This leaves only the province of extremes, and the Totality that undergirds them both, as its theatre of operations.

Totality, should it exist, must be whole, or wholeness itself. Wholeness accounts for, “the hair on every head.” While splitting hairs might seem irrelevant when dealing with issues of human survival versus Totality, it is very important to understand that shattering wholeness at any level (individual or universal), should shatter the Totality of the universe, itself. Such is the nature of wholeness that would undergird the physical universe. So concerns about Totality are just as important to human survival as is the monitoring of misbehavior of a species within its own particular environment. Misbehavior, in this case, is not so much a matter of ethics or even the breaking of any human moral code: this is the suborning or direct act of committing genocide or fratricide via toxification of the shared environment. Totality is the belief in the “oneness” behind all things seen, unseen, known or unknown. One concern (Totality) undermines the whole universe, the other concern (“misbehavior”) simply cancels humanity’s participation in the physical aspects of the apparent universe.

By demographically linking Climate Change, Nuclear Holocaust and a peculiarly fundamentalist “Christian” interpretation of the Book of Revelation from the Bible, we have precipitated the current crisis of human survival. In this lethal crisis, a minority rise in political power to decide for the majority which behaviors can be enabled and which should be disabled. The behaviors to be disabled, among many, is the quite peculiar belief that any behavior that might delay the reappearance of the Christian savior, Jesus Christ, is to be disabled. Harnessing the reoccurring “turn of the century” sentiments of rebirth and regeneration with the Malthusian concerns as to the arithmetic of population growth have been linked in media. Quite effectively this has manufactured the “Christian” belief that nuclear holocaust could bring about the “good,” along with, “climate change,” as both phenomena could bring about the return of the Savior. Not to mention the massive reductions in population needed to make the existing lifestyle of a governing political minority more sustainable.

Some might call this political assemblage a carnival for the rule of insanity, or of chaos. But certainly none of the reasoning behind these extremes present into today’s polarized political continuum could be confused with “sanity,” the rule of reason, the rule of law or even a healthy environment. It is an environment designed to separate, divide and dishearten anyone in possession of a social conscience. Such is the nature of the operations of the CIA, an agency whose original charter had nothing to do with operations and everything to do with analysis. The creation of ACIM could well be seen as an attempt at an analytical antidote to the banquet of suffering that the Bush Family contingent within the CIA has seemed intent on preparing for the global population. In the final analysis, ACIM and its philosophical underpinnings concerned with Totality, could well foster the understanding that necessarily replaces the drive of each extreme present in today’s political continuum to be understood.

In my experience, being understood is highly overrated.

Understanding, in advance of opening one’s mouth to explain one’s self, produces superior results.

It is not necessary to understand me or what I am saying. It is, however, absolutely necessary that you experience me, that you “feel” me. It is in the shared experience of human feeling that the madness of today’s society can be felt and seen for the insane carnival of stupidity and excess that it is. Without this felt experience, one does not know which way to turn, which choice is best for the many and whether or not we are playing a role in the betterment and evolution of society or its ultimate destruction.

To understand totally, one must understand Totality.

Understanding totally leads to right and concerted action in a detoxifying, healthful direction. The more members in society who understand totally, the healthier the society becomes.

So what does ACIM say about Totality and its corollary of unity?

“Nothing Real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists. Therein lies the peace of God.” (ACIM, Preface, p. X)

“The guiltless and the guilty are totally incapable of understanding one another. Each perceives the other as like himself, making both unable to communicate, because each sees the other unlike the way he sees himself.” (ACIM, Text, p. 281)

“The case for insanity is strong to the insane.” (ACIM, Text, p. 206)

The first quote makes perfect sense until one thinks deeply about it, at which point the individual is agape with horror. To be perfectly, absolutely peaceful, one must be free of any and all conflict. But the core conflict with seeing the horrors of the world and its terror, misunderstandings and falseness, one must accept that everything happening in the world you and I think of as meaningful would have to amount to nothing. This would include all the joys and sense of peace that also come our way. Totality, if it were to exist, must be absolute or it would not be whole. Human Life, itself, would have to be unreal in order for this ACIM statement to be true. Unreality can be attacked at any time and in any number of ways, and it generally is. But God, alone, stays above and beyond this fray at perfect peace, forever beyond time, according to ACIM, because His existence is always and forever true.

Say what we might about the likelihood of this sad aphorism being always and forever true, it is internally consistent with its own descriptions of the phenomena of human experience. For example, imagine a world where one is first taught to be completely grateful for their very existence as a person, until, slowly but surely, we learn to accept that everything we have ever been taught to value, including our very lives as humans, must be taken from our grasp and returned back to the abyss that was our sense of wholeness in the beginning.


Not only this sad conclusion, but also the tenet of nihilism which suggests that the whole of human experience amounts to nothing. Life and death cancel one another out just as matter cancels out antimatter. So what is the meaning of any of this experience we call, “life,” if it doesn’t amount to anything of value?

Reality, from the ACIM perspective, is derived from eternity, peace and the complete absence of conflict. In other words, nothing that could ever be perceived by the sensory equipment of the human animal. The eternity between two points in time, no matter how small, completely escapes us. So, too, does the eternity between two vast distances within interstellar space; such is the nature of temporal reality, mind boggling though it can be. Temporal reality, the province of things temporal — material reality, no matter how long lived — can never be eternal because it has a beginning, a middle and an ending. It is an imperfect place that, according to even Quantum Cosmology, depended upon the imperfect distribution of matter and antimatter at the inception of the apparent universe in order for it to exist at all. That means the worst of evil behavior as well as the look in the eyes of your most beloved during a picturesque sunset over water — both extremes are founded upon a basis of imperfection or they could not be present in material reality.

So when it comes to trying to be a perfect “anything,” quitcher bitchin’. It is from dust that you have come and it is unto dust that you shall return.

Notice how entertaining these thoughts, as difficult as they might be to let into your mind, let alone process fully, has not changed your world one iota. You are free to feel perfectly safe, feel perfectly whole and the only thing that has changed since you began reading this essay is that you have learned a little bit about Totality. Or remembered it, depending on your level of awareness. Perhaps more interesting is that just as your brain has flipped the image at the back of your retina that this essay may appear, “rightside up and forward,” this same brain-centric machinery has also taken hold of the ideas inside our minds such that we learn to value elements and aspects of our experience in an “upside down and backwards” fashion. Or, in other words, flipped. So what you might think of as “nothing” turns out to be everything that is, and vice versa. Remember this point the next time you feel yourself getting angry at someone over anything at all. Not that this machinery is always operating consistently in our conscious mind, just that it can be, and over any considerable time we can be completely unwilling to see the reason behind matters in opposition. One side must be telling the truth while the opposing side is completely out of its right mind.

This perceptual “flipping” speaks to the second quote from ACIM regarding how seeing ourselves as unlike another human (with whom we should feel the most unified and connected to) makes us unable to communicate effectively, if at all, with each other. Notice how we have no problem communicating with each other when we are among friends, but introduce someone from outside our “little village” of thought or value, and we are verklempt. Words fail us because we cannot expect them to mean the same things to others as they mean to us, in spite of the presence of a dictionary containing these same words. Somehow their arrangement in sentences produces a profound sense of mistrust and alienation. Welcome to conversational hell, in other words. In my experience, the values of “guiltlessness” or “guilt” do not matter so much as they are opposite-meaning values. Bend the meaning behind the values framing the communication between two people and you are suborning war, interpersonal toxicity and all kinds of insanity and confusion, depending on how skewed relative to each other those values are.

Can you understand, perhaps more clearly, why so-called Liberals depise FoxNews and why so-called Conservatives despise MS-NBC? Each media network presents differing frames of values. Nevermind that the corporations behind promoting these oppositional value-frames know that they need only repeat the same information two or three times to get masses of people to believe in the truthfulness, or right-mindedness, of these value-frames. That these value-frames are oppositional only means that suborning this disastrous, Tower of Babel confusion only means an increased bottom-line for advertising revenue as viewers try desperately to reconcile or resolve the cognitive dissonance inherent in opposing value-frames only to have their compulsive inquisition of opposing facts rendered moot with the repetition of clichés like, “well, that’s just how Liberals/Conservatives think. Messed up, isn’t it?” This toxic stew that has become our media environment in the United States and, now, the world, makes creating a consensus behind any point of conjecture impossible to render when there are powerful interests invested in the perpetuation of distortions and outright falsehoods — because it keeps our eyeballs glued to our chosen stream of media.

The conjecture over global Climate Change is one example where the value-frames behind the Petrodollar interests are so heavily invested in the need to profit from the use of petroleum-based energy to power society that they simply cannot allow society at large to change the value-frame to permit the use of other energy sources available on the planet. Through repetition of false information, distorted information and false equivalences spread via the media, consensus among the members of society, to include their leaders, is impossible to achieve, in spite of a mountain of scientifically-derived information to the contrary. In addition, to achieve the objective of slowing down or stopping the adoption of different energy sources via the creation of illusory conflict on a grand, social scale, the oppositional value-frames promoted by Petrodollar interests have generated toxic dysfunction between the two opposing camps on the issue, a toxicity that has generally driven the two camps into “guiltless” and “guilty” type value-frames. Such opposition suborns the eruption of civil unrest and violent conflict, which is good for business. Each side in the conflict believes the other is the guilty party, guilty of some deceitfulness or trickery, while they also entertain the belief that they are the innocent victims in the charade perpetrated by the opposing side in the conflict or conjecture.

Now might be a good time to reconcile these ACIM notions of “guiltlessness” and “guilt” because they are not quite how we normally think of them in modern terms, perhaps even from the inception of western religious traditions.

First off, “guilty” is, in fact, the opposite of “guiltless,” which makes the ACIM notion of “guilt” easier to describe once we have covered the idea of “guiltlessness.”

The contemporary Christian understanding of the ground state of human experience is considered to be one of “original sin,” meaning not only that we come out of our mother’s wombs as sinful creatures prone to act against our own best interests, but that we also believe, quite strongly, in the idea that the behavior of others among us cannot be trusted and, if we are not careful, certain of these “others” will likely commit offenses against us for which our forgiveness can never be achieved. We humans are capable of forging resentments that can last for centuries and have no problem planting the flag of our point of view in the heads of those who have “sinned” against us. But what if such resentments were to evaporate into a mist of nothingness from which all things known have come? What if, instead of the binary thinking of “us v. them,” “right v. wrong,” “black v. white,” “good v. evil,” we, instead, took the whole idea of Totality and Oneness seriously? While we might still have our feelings about our subpar or dysfunctional interactions, we would be forced to conclude that either unity and wholeness rule the day, or they do not. If they do not, then, by all means, continue to eat the poison of resentment and discontent and go ahead and expect someone else to die because of it. However, the approach Totality “us v. them.” The problem that one has with the behaviors of others STILL belongs to the accuser, the party that cannot believe for one second that, perhaps, the other party might be guiltless for the same reason that we are. So, by the principles of Totality, this universe must be a fiction, a doppelganger, a temporary placeholder in eternity such that nothing that happens here in any way effects the essence of who and what we are and have always been.

Victimization might seem real for a time, but that time comes and goes if we allow it. If we do not allow time to pass away, if we choose to hold on to the temporary, which is a choice we often make, the resentment literally eats us alive from the inside, out. And this is the tragedy, specifically, of childhood trauma: the majority of the damage that gets done by trauma, is done by the victim against themselves, rather than the perpetrator of the offense. Even if we had a perfect system of justice that immediately provided the results that we all think we would want in a given situation, absolutely nothing about our resentment and its corrosive impact would change. It cannot. We must change. We must choose to see the universe and the world within it for what it, in fact, is: nothing. Temporary. Mind-stuff. Not worthy of investing our peace of mind nor our joy at having our human experience. As real as we want to make the events in our nothing-world mean something, they cannot because they are not real in any absolute sense. By believing these notions of Totality as the ultimate truth of the matter before us and loosening our grip on our resentments, we can begin to release ourselves from this burden of temporal victimization. We can drop the hot rock tossed into our laps. Who threw it there, and why, become irrelevant. What matters most of all is that it is our flesh that is burning and we can choose to stop the damage in its tracks.

We can continue to hold onto our resentments and our justifiable outrage that such a heinous level of imperfection is permitted to exist in the universe we believe we know, but what are we gaining from such a choice? Bragging rights? Revenge and its dubious few moments of egoic pleasure? Why are we so readily and easily convinced into lying to ourselves when there exists a plausibly sensible truth that suggests that there is another way to look at these difficult situations in our lives? Imperfection is baked into the cake that is our physical universe and, sometimes, that means that the unfortunate seems to take place.

But by becoming practitioners in this art of letting go of the things we cannot change, we become, in ACIM terms, “guiltless.” We are no longer interested in accusing anyone of anything because it has an enormous downside, not the least of which is defaulting into the material world’s path where our egoes will rule the day and rule with some cruelty. And what if our perpetrator, themselves, were to see the advantage of guiltlessness before they took the actions they took to cause harm to come to us? Would they have even bothered to harm us in the first place? Seeing ourselves as guiltless cannot help but spread to everyone else in our world. As this perspective grows within me I have noticed that I have become happier, gentler and more peaceful than ever before. The worst a person can get in my world, today, is sick. Do we make fun, lambast or judge a cancer patient when they get sick? Why do we do such things to people who cannot help but be who and what they are?

If we truly wished that the sickness of this world would come to an end, we’d be on the right track by presuming everyone in the world were guiltless. Sick people need treatment, not castigation or stigmatization.

But if any one of us chooses to divide us into “victim” and “perpetrator,” then the whole “tent” of shared experience begins to deflate and collapse because we are then asking for absolutely every one of us to be considered, “guilty.” Looking at this from a “sinless” and “sinful” perspective, the “guilty” (the sinful) could be understood as causing the “wages of sin to be death.” In other words, the better path for each and every one of us would be to choose to see absolutely everyone through the eyes of perfect innocence. Perfect sinlessness. Sin, as an investment concept, would cease to exist once we ceased believing in its truth or reality.

This is a key feature of Totality and of the understanding of matters totally. It is because most of us see matters through the strictly binary, “sinless” and “sinful” perspective of our material perception that we all face extinction. Were we to enable our “vision,” which is perception plus the enlightened principles behind Totality, we could release our binary thinking as an ancient artifact, cast it aside, and see absolutely everyone as innocent, not “innocent or guilty.” So much for the classifications and categorizations that all the Greek thinkers taught us to utilize. Obviously our perceptions manufacture binary thinking because it is through opposition — a primal level of conflict — that we receive the information coming to us from our apparent world in the first place. However, we have been assuming that our perceptions have always yielded correct information to us, yet, upon further study, they cannot help but fail at the edges of perception where “this and that” become just, “this,” and Oneness reigns again in perfect Totality. Make one person guilty and our ability to perceive a guiltless world is compromised. We can blame the killer for killing our beloved, but is vengeance really worth sacrificing a universe filled with peace, understanding and a life lived in harmony with eternity?

How could conflict-biased perception ever yield a world to us that was filled with anything but conflict? We go out into the world pre-armed to create what we try to defend against (in advance) and, when we get what we expect, we’re cocked and spring-loaded in the pissed-off position. Bang, bang, you’re dead, I’m still alive, so I must be right and my thinking must be sound. Look at what a humiliating mess I made of my perceived enemy, laying there on the ground in multiple bloody pieces!

Through the eyes aided by the assistance of a belief in Totality, which does not pay heed to any notion of causal time, what you just did to your “enemy” was to cut yourself into pieces at a later date while believing you did none of this to yourself. Anyone with a good grasp of the history of the world, however, knows full well that violence begets more violence. An “eye for an eye” leads to a world of total blindness to the reality of Totality. If you can believe in things like “holism,” “holistic thinking,” and Totality, you would conspicuously avoid playing any role in harming another being of like kind, at the very least.

Alas, yes, this belief in Totality with its obvious global benefits is going to lead to sacrificing the innocent by the hand of the terminally ill. Ultimately, 4% among us are psychopaths at birth and are incapable of feeling any sort of remorse caused by their thoughts and actions. They are neurologically compromised and, for now, we can do very little to help them. And also unfortunate is the fact that this 4% has commanded legions of our fellows to believe in the righteousness of the cause first put forward most forcefully by Western Civilization in the form of the Roman Empire and now by the United States. Empires, in general, are eventually commanded by psychopaths since it is their nature to conduct themselves in a stealthy, clandestine manner until they have complete control over those they cannot help but see as useful and useless cattle. Correcting this situation may well require interventions that lead to violence. This is not something the majority of us wanted and are completely clueless as to how we could have asked for this, yet our unwillingness to show love to our fellows lead us to walk away when confronted by the darkness that is diseased perception, its insane thinking and its insane behavior.

And, yes, the case for insanity is very strong among the insane.

Our world has become quite ill and has grown in more need every day for a way out, for a way toward healing.

But, please, please, please don’t let it be THIS one! Not responsibility! Not accountability! Please, not that!

The simple has become hard because of how we have taught ourselves to turn our very lives into a “crazy contest” filled with opposition, conflict and its attendant despair and hopelessness. I should know, I am one with you. The escape from death’s very strong grip is powerful until it no longer is. In Totality there can be no death, only a continuing. We each live through our bloodlines, storing all manner of traumas and conflicts in our DNA and its various expressions. But when we release the machine to join with the Totality of what gives us our very lives in this experience in the first place, we enter into a state of communion the peace of which passes understanding on its way to a blissful coexistence with everything that is.

And this is Totality and total understanding of the world as I can best perceive it. The way out has become quite difficult, but the actions we each need to take each day are quite simple, and insultingly so. Smile at your neighbor, for they are as guiltless as you believe you are. When you are not guilt-free, guess what changed? Yeup, it was your perception of yourself, you have some digging and other work to do towards healing your perceptions. This work is hard, but it is oh, so simple. All you need do is believe in Totality — a place beyond binary opposition, a place of singular Oneness — and watch the world you see change before your very eyes. Slowly at first, but then, as the sick are properly cared for, rapidly this world will change. Will we be the species that grows to heal itself and heal our place in the web of Life here? This is up to all of us. Every last one of us. Totality would have it no other way. We must be One as we were created to be and we will be, whether we are the human species or some other form of intelligent life. I prefer humanity survive, but it is not just up to me. You have to be willing to do the hard, yet simple, work of healing the world that was passed to you through your parents and ancestors. Stop complaining that your burden seems harder than someone elses, or that this process is just not fair. Ask for help! The help is there, you simply need to ask BEFORE you pick up the weapon and go on a rampage. But even then, help must still be available in spite of our apparent losses because our cause is just and our burden will be to become the Light of the World.

Totality rocks because no one can see it, yet we simply KNOW that it must be there. Just believe and have faith in this one thing and your very life will begin to rise above the clanging and clamor of our mutually assured insanity.



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